Hi! I’m Jackie Wu.

I’m an entrepreneurial student. I’m building a robotics company with my friends. We hope to put our products in many homes across the world, and in most homes in America. We hope our products can help businesses and governments too.

The key questions we ask are,

  • How can new technology improve our lives and transform daily tasks or experiences, to move ourselves along the dialectic of progress?

  • Which of these ideas do we have the ability to execute on?

  • How can we differentiate ourselves from other implementations, in a fun and memorable way?

  • How am I as a leader?

  • And how can we build a profitable, sustainable organization around them?

My long-term goal is to build economies around new technologies to lift developing communities out of poverty. I believe in holistic development. But to get there, I want experience in the trenches building my own companies, and dealing with government, first.

This sounds too serious but I’m actually a pretty laid-back, goofy guy. To relax I like to draw and read a lot of manga. I also like bathing, boxing, and regularly making messes in my girlfriend’s clean apartment.

Feel free to reach out to me - my info is in the Contacts tab.

Areas of interest

  • Embedded consumer devices
  • Corporate/government robotic solutions
  • Smart apps/”AI” apps
  • Asian/Asian American issues
  • Not being afraid to be contrarian

Areas of no interest

  • Bio-anything - medical devices, drugs, prosthetics etc.
  • Efficient markets or industries
  • Zero-sum / rent-seeking endeavors
  • Insularity